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Online Self Study
This option is for students unable to attend the physical or virtual classroom.

Host School: UNC School of Public Health 

This option provides online access to streaming video recordings of all 42 hours of Classroom Lectures as well as all 38-hours of Solutions to Quantitative Questions in the textbook and on official practice tests.  You will receive access to our GRE PREP Course Pack just as if you were attending a physical course, thus you will follow the pace of Assignments at the rate of six classroom hours of lecture per week. In seven weeks, you will view all 42 hours of classroom lectures which includes introductions to solve each type of GRE question in the Quantitative Section ( Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Data Analysis, and Word Problems) and the Verbal Section (Essays, Reading Comprehension, Sentence Completion, Sentence Equivalence). You will then focus on your weaknesses by viewing Solutions to Quantitative Questions by Category. We have recorded 38 hours of Category Specific questions such as Absolute Value, Coordinate Geometry, Functions,  Mean/Median, Probability, Permutations/Combinations, etc. Visit Quantitative Solutions to view all 45 categories. The textbook provides solutions to all Verbal questions so we do not provide recorded solutions; however, if you have questions about any verbal question you may submit it to our Tutoring office who will provide a typed solution for you. We also provide full critiques on two essays you prepare and free “60-second-reviews” of up to six additional essays. Additional full critiques are available at $35 per two essay.

Our fees are the lowest per-hour comprehensive training courses in the country; visit our Compare Fees to learn what competitors charge for in-class instruction. The fee for this Self Study Online is $588.  The only additional expense is the textbook which you purchase for about $30 from your local bookstore or online. Visit our GRE PREP Courses overview for details.



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