Critique of Personal Statement/Statement of Purpose


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PrepSuccess offers a critique of your Graduate School Personal Statement (also called Statement of Purpose) for a fee of $130.00

Current or former PrepSuccess students who have registered for or completed our GRE PREP course should submit a digital copy of the specific guidance provided by your graduate program to You should copy and paste the overview of the guidance as well as the specific questions that must be answered into the body of the email. After we have received your payment, Mr. Sexton will contact you by telephone to remind you of the Analytical Writing process taught in GRE PREP Class #1 and help you understand how to prepare the first draft of your statement.

Upon completing your first draft, email it to Mr. Sexton who will provide a written critique interlaced into the text of your document that will guide you towards a more clear and succinct essay. Errors in grammar and spelling will also be identified. Mr. Sexton will not write “original” thought; that must come from the applicant. However, he will steer you into new areas of content that have proven to be successful for other students in completing a tight, focused statement.

Upon receipt of your first draft’s critique, you will then make corrections and submit your second draft to Mr. Sexton. After you receive the second critique from Mr. Sexton, make final corrections and submit to Mr. Sexton for a third and final review.

Most of our students simply follow the guidance provided during Analytical Writing and are able to communicate their statement in a tight, succinct essay.  However, some students such as Letanya Love struggled to convey her message and thus sought assistance. Her acceptance by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill prompted her to share the following email which is also located on our Kudos web page:

Hi Frederick:  THANK YOU! I know that you are a man of faith, so I feel very comfortable in saying this. Your help has been a blessing from God. I know it and I believe it. Prayer works! On Thursday, I was stuck. One day later I was inspired to tell my story. Writing is not my strength, but you helped me to break down the prompt to convey a compelling story. For that, I am grateful. Your company is doing so much to help adult learners realize their dreams. I will be sure to keep you posted.  Bests, Letanya

Mr Sexton is President and General Manager of PrepSuccess, LLC. He also serves as an instructor of the GRE® courses, and tutors in GRE®, GMAT®, LSAT®, and SAT® courses. He has an undergraduate degree from N.C. State University, a graduate degree in Health Policy and Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and 30 years of experience working for public and private companies. He opened Association and Conference Management of North Carolina in January 2000 and incorporated to PrepSuccess™, LLC in January 2006. PrepSuccess™ is a registered trademark of the process in which we provide training services.