Course Packs (2019)

PrepSuccess GRE PREP Course Packs (2019)

We strongly recommend you view our files with a PC or a Pad rather than a Smart Phone
because the phone’s screen is not large enough to see math equations and recordings of quantitative solutions.

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Course Packs will be available 30 days before the start of a course.


 Each Course Pack contains the following:

Recording of GRE PREP Introduction

Recording of Math Review

Assignments (14 classes)

Personal Study Schedule and Agreement

Math Equations

Math Worksheet and Answers

Quantitative Quiz

Recordings of Quantitative Solutions

Recordings of Classroom Lectures

 Class Slides

Vocabulary Quizzes

Arithmetic Tables (Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide)


ETS Calculator Guidance

ETS Math Review

ETS Analytical Writing Guide

ETS Analytical Writing Scoring Guide

ETS Analytical Writing Topics for Issues

ETS Analytical Writing Topics for Arguments

Essays – Grammar Fundamentals

ETS Scores: Revised

Screen Print Images of Powerprep Scores

Math Search Engine

WebEx Procedures for Online Students

Wingate Inn – RTP Map and Travel Directions